PEIYING PEIYING is a manufacturer of car-audio equipment existing on the European market since 2002, constantly expanding its offer and increasing the product’s quality. PEIYNG offers its products on the following markets: Polish, German, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Hungarian.

The brand belongs to polish company, for which engineers prepare independent projects. The products are prepared and tested in Polish laboratories by experts in the field of car-audio, multimedia and satellite navigation. The products are manufactured in specialized and experienced factories in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, where at each stage of production have to meet high quality control standards.  Selected models are also tested before being sold in Europe. Due to different  consumer needs PEIYING created different product segments: PEIYING Basic, PEIYING Alien and PEIYING Exclusive.


PEIYING Basic the most popular product series is characterized by reliability, good technical parameters and high quality materials. Peiying Basic products quality combined with reasonable prices makes this series consumer ideal choice when creating car audio systems. for creation composition to create a car audio.  Car receivers equipped with SD card reader and USB port let you play music from portable devices like IPOD, MP3 player and Flash memory. CD and DVD models are ready for  music saved in computer format. The wide range of 2-4 way speakers, tweeters, subwoofers and amplifiers allow you to configure audio tailor to individual needs. 




PEIYING Alien is a segment based on a new sound dimension, emotions, experiences and multimedia entertainment, prepared for all those who love good sound and fun. The highest quality products using high end technology will make travelling a pleasure not only for driver but also for passengers. Wide multimedia product range allows for example to watch a movie while traveling. Multimedia car receivers with display monitors mounted in the headrest and the ceiling are just a few examples from a wide range of ALIEN series. Powerful Class D amplifiers combined with a new technology 2-coil speakers give a deep, clean bass which move the imagination. Driving with PEIYING ALIEN systems becomes an exciting adventure with high sound quality and amazing multimedia effects. Thanks to navigations systems equipped with maps of Europe you  can always easily reach any destination.


PEIYING ExlusivE — the third segment of the brand.  Designed for the most demanding car audio enthusiasts. Products in this series combine the precision with a modern, sophisticated and full of elegance style. More and more rich, from year to year extended product range,  is an additional  asset of Peiying Exlusive series.  Currently, it consists of: a unique speaker system, an absolute hit - four models of dedicated car receivers and several models of fantastic car receivers. Due to technical inspection carried out at each stage of production, this series provides the highest quality, low operating costs and high reliability.