Poskrom siłę dźwięku i ustanawiaj własne rekordy!

Czysta i potężna moc pozbawiona zniekształceń. Ciesz się potężnym pulsującym brzmieniem wzmacniaczy Peiyinga

Multimedialna nawigacja, już nigdy nie zbłądzisz...

Znajdź idealną drogę i dotrzyj na miejsce na czas, nowe nawigacje z oprogramowaniem Automapa i MapaMap

We will be there!

From Friday (06.08) to Sunday (08.08) in Slovakia will take place Tuning Rally, we will be there with our Nissan 350Z. Proposal to coming to the Svidnik has put forward Velko company, our foreign trade partner. For three days at the airport will be a lot of attractions for fans of car tuning.

After the visit in Limanowa

Last weekend, i.e. 17 and 18 July Peiying visited IV Tuning Show in Limanowa. The event was held for the fourth time. Like last year, the Limanowa marketplace gathered many fans of tuning cars, but not only them. Beautiful gesture of Tuning Show organizers was help to the nearly two-year boy who suffer from heart.

Multimedia systems - full of entertainment in the car

Announced some time dedicated car receivers finally appeared in the sale. This is equipment that provides flexibility, of which a few years ago you could only dream. One device replaces at least three others. Dedicated car receiver includes a radio, navigation and hands-free system. An additional advantage is its innovative, completely non-invasive mounting system! Dedicated models are available for different brands of cars: VW Passat - PY9930, Ford Mondeo - PY9931, Toyota Rav4 - PY9932, Skoda Octavia - PY9933.

Men’s Day 2010

On 8 and 9 May, 2010 as in the previous year at the Warsaw airport Bemowo was men's feast - Men's Day. The event attracted several thousand visitors. There were a lot of attractions. There was also our Nissan 350Z Peiying. Nissan 350z is a demo car, where the sound quality is more important than the sound power. The most important issue for constructors was to achieve excellent clean sound.

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